Based in Chiba Prefecture, Toa Oil Kogyosho Co., Ltd., collects, transports, properly treats, and recycles industrial waste, as well as regenerates heavy oil, lubricants, BWF (biomass waste fuel), and other fuels and sells them.
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Toa Oil Kogyosho Co., Ltd. 1728-5, Kamikoya, Yachiyo City, Chiba 276-0022
Top pageBusiness profileRecycling Business > Sale of BWF, a Regenerated Solid Fuel We custom-make a BWF with properties according to the requirements for your factory Sale of BWF, a Regenerated Solid Fuel BWF stands for biomass waste fuel. It is our original regenerated solid fuel, mainly made from waste oil or similar oily waste having a calorific value, combined with other materials. At Toa Oil, we measure the calorific value and chlorine content of each material and conduct tests on reactions with other materials to be mixed to use only the materials that passed all criteria. We also provide products with properties and a shape according to the requirements for each factory by controlling the composition of ingredients. ※BWF is registered Trade Mark of Toa Oil Kogyosho,Co.,Ltd. Capacity Production capacity:
15,000 m3/month
Chlorine content of 2,000 ppm or less,
total caloric value of 3,000 to 8,000 Cal.

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Ingredients and calorific values
image 1) Solid waste plastic fuels (refuse paper and plastic fuels)
Recycled solid fuels made from waste paper and plastics, such as polyethylene
2) Solid waste fuels (refuse derived fuels).
They are solidified fuels made from domestic kitchen garbage and waste plastic
3) Total quantity of the incombustible substances (cinders) contained in samples
* Calculated by our analysis room

BWF production processes